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Recent nomenclature has dictated that the police now differentiate between a road traffic accident and a road traffic collision, the latter covering events where there personal injury has occurred or where one of the drivers has failed to stop at the accident scene.

The way we see it, an accident is an accident is an accident.

We pay tribute to the work of the London Accident Prevention Council, which has now been renamed The London Road Safety Council. It was and remains an important institution, putting lives and safety before the colossal demands of motorists for speed, relief and distraction from the stress and boredom of driving, and the desire to cut corners.

The London Road Safety Council (formerly the London Accident Prevention Council) has the aim of endeavouring to decrease the number of road deaths and casualties in London.

It is the road safety forum for the London authorities, involving the major (Boris Johnson), elected Council Members and professional Road Safety Officers from the Greater London Boroughs. It also consists of representatives from Transport for London (TfL), RoSPA (the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents) and various other interested groups.

Here we look at the background and work of the London Accident Prevention Council, and at the range of accidents that can befall any member of the public at any time, and what an individual can do to prevent such accidents happening again, and to how to go about getting compensation.